We hope you all had a Merry Fitmas! Yes, it’s the new year now, and what a wonderful time to kick back and reflect on the incredible year we’ve had here at Zone!

January gave us new years, new goals, new baby bumps, and new attitude!  We also welcomed the new year with NOW IS THE NEW BLACK showcase!

February continued the baby love, with team circuit showering the newest Zone member!feb

March brought families, gym, and socialising together with our Movie Night, where kids and ‘big kids’ alike enjoyed some down time with the big screen – popcorn included 😉 !


April fools was here in a big way, and this month was all about the KIDS having a great time with Crazy Hair Week! It’s kids business only, but we can share what one of the big kids got up to!

April was also a huge month for many of our instructors with most of the team heading to Melbourne for FILEX (basically Fitness Christmas for Instructors!).  Check out our national presenters leading the tribe on the big stage!


May is all about the mums with Mother’s Day!
Many of our incredible group fitness instructors here at Zone are also super mums too!  Check out this cute snap from Mother’s Day bodybalance – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! 
May also brought a new service to Zone – SA Body Analysis (SABA)!  Who has been tracking their progress ever since?

June was another huge month for Zone, with the introduction of Gym Foods Australia!  Healthy food at your fingertips – yes please! June also saw new releases (again!) and new look RPM bikes!  A mammoth effort from the Zone Instructor team and the Zone Maintenance team! No wonder we’re a little tired 😉

July saw no rest for the wicked, and Zone kept bringing the goods!  The bike restoration project continued and brought some of these beauties to the cycle studio.  July was also a massive month of training… to be a true Pokemon Master.

August was welcomed in style, because when you look the part, you train the part!  Here are the sweet Zone threads we hooked you up with! And speaking of style, nothing says style like a week of GANGSTA PUMP – featuring Tupac himself!  Check out the Zone fam getting their swag on!

September brought out Zone’s competitive side with the City 2 Bay and Zone Games: Part 2!  It was a month of fierce rivalry… and a heap of fun! September also reminded us that the Zone family bond is strong.  Even thousands of kilometres away in Canberra, we caught up with one of the Zone tribe! #zoneforlife

October continued to serve up the goods, with Zone now offering TWO options for nourishing the body!  We welcomed Rise&Grind (with a coffee in one hand, and a fork in the other!).  We also took Zone to the Wynn Vale Super Fete to spread the love of fitness and fun to the community!  Check out the amazing Born To Move team in action! And let’s not forget this epic milestone – 1000 visits strong from Carol Norwood!

November was all about new, new, new!  We welcomed the newest Les Mills program to the HIIT family – SPRINT!  November also saw the beginnings of a new crèche!  Families – keep your eyes and ears open!

December saw the festive season truly come alive!  The silly season was well and truly upon us all, and why not?!  Fun and fitness sound like the perfect festive combo.

 What a fun-filled year we’ve had!  We’ve trained hard, played hard, and certainly coffee’d hard!  But take a minute to consider why we do all this:

  • To live healthier lives
  • To live longer lives
  • To live more active, vibrant, and energetic lives
  • To spend our lives feeling better and being better for those we love.

From our Zone family to yours – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!zone-family