New year, fresh start, and an abundance of opportunity. For many of us, January seems like a great landmark to set some new goals and new life direction… deep. Well now its February! Whether your new ‘goals’, ‘life direction’, or ‘resolutions’ are to do with your health, career, family, or the dolla dolla bills, they often end up being “first week of January” resolutions. (Just keepin’ it real)
Our mob at Zone know all about getting started on the fitness journey. We’ve been there through the resolutions, the sky-high motivation, the rock bottom cases of CBF, the “too busy”, and the dreaded plateaus. But we know one thing – CONSISTENCY IS KEY. So without any further adieu, here are our


1. Make yourself accountable
Taking those first few steps into a gym aren’t easy. This is where your support buddy comes in. Organise a time to go to the gym together, even if it’s just to grab a coffee or to have a look around (it’s true, you don’t have to work out the first time you visit!). Suss the place out, grab some flyers and a free pass and phew, first phase done.
If you don’t have a support buddy, make contact via our website, facebook page, email, or phone. Introduce yourself and just making that contact, there’ll already be one person you know (or if you post on the facebook page, you’ll have lots of happy faces to help you out!).

2. Schedule gym time in your diary and stick to it
Here’s the thing – fitness “on your terms” doesn’t work. It gets squeezed into a little corner of the day, put off, or isn’t given the attention it deserves. Think of your resolution like a meeting with your boss – you do not cancel, ever. Monday 9:30am Bodystep caught your eye? SCHEDULE IT IN THE DIARY AND DO NOT MISS THAT APPOINTMENT. Missing one impromptu coffee catch-up will not kill you 😉  Just start out with 2 sessions per week – but wholeheartedly commit to those two sessions. As you get used to your new weekly schedule, add in more sessions that you wholeheartedly commit to.

3. Try everything
If you’re begrudgingly dragging yourself through exercise, you’re not doing the right exercise for you. When you find the style of exercise that you enjoy (or at least tolerate), that’s when you’ll stick to it and hellooooo results. Here at Zone, we offer a magnitude of classes ranging from yoga to weights to martial arts to dance to core training to cycling and anything else you can think of! We also offer personal training, HIIT classes, and have a pretty speccy weights and cardio area.  When you first start out, we recommend:
-Starting small (10-20mins will do!)
-Trying every class 3 times before you decide whether you like it
By sampling a small part of every class, you’ll very quickly learn what you like and what you don’t. So get in there and find what works for you!

4. Put yourself out there
Bad news – sometimes that buddy who first walked into the gym with you… bails. This is a serious knock to the motivation. Fortunately, there are HEAPS of wonderful, lovely people at Zone who will keep you accountable and working toward your goals. You just need to put yourself out there. A great way to do this is through the beauty of social media. Get on our Zone Health and Fitness group and post “Hi! I’m new to Zone and was going to do Pump on Tuesday at 6:30. I’m a bit nervous but can’t wait to meet you all!” and watch the friendly members introduce themselves and offer to help.
Another great way to do this is to add the instructors on Facebook (we actually love this because it helps us remember names, which is tough sometimes!). Send them a PM saying you’ll be in their class, and then you’ll definitely know someone and they’ll be sure to keep an eye on you.

5. Set small goals in order to get to the big ones
Losing 20kg doesn’t happen instantly – getting changed and going to the gym does.
Toning up and doing 100 push-ups doesn’t happen instantly – going back to that bodypump class after the first time does.

We’re often focused on what’s at the top of that big ol’ gnarly mountain, that we forget what it takes to get there. Set small daily/weekly/monthly goals that you can accomplish and feel great about. Managed 5 push-ups today? Tomorrow’s goal – go for 6. Not feeling like pump today? Commit to your schedule and try a different class instead. Celebrate the little things.

6. Treat yourself
No, not with chocolate (sorry, not sorry). Get a new gym outfit as motivation. Get a pedicure when you reach one of your small goals. Share your small wins with others. Enjoy the process!

7. Be realistic
Results don’t happen overnight. You won’t be able to run a ½ marathon in 3 months if you’ve never run before. You didn’t put 15kg on in a week, and you won’t lose it in a week. Again, small, achievable goals will help you on your way to the big, gnarly ones. Focus on what you are able to do rather than the numbers, and that’s where the magic happens.

8. Track your progress (AND NOT ON THE SCALES!)
Don’t even think about those scales in your bathroom – the only thing they are good for is checking your baggage weight when you are travelling on a plane.
When you’re embarking on your new fitness lifestyle, it’s important to keep track of how you’re going to see what is working. When you start, it’ll be tough, but man up and get a free assessment with one of our PTs or SABA to get your base line (yes, it’s scary after Christmas and New Year but you want to see how you’ve improved!). Then reschedule for another assessment in 6 – 12 weeks to see what progress has been made.
Remember, it’s more than just the kgs – its body fat percentage, muscle mass, body measurements, bone density, hydration levels… can your bathroom scales tell you this?

9. Always remember why you are doing this
-To live longer
-To live better
-To be there for your family
-To move well
-To prevent injury and disease
-To look better
-To feel better
-To be a role model to those around you
And that’s just the beginning.

So to everyone on the 2017 track to a better lifestyle – we would say “good luck” but it’s nothing to do with luck. It’s about what you put in, the support networks you make along the way, and results you earn from your efforts. So instead of “good luck”, we’ll leave you with “catch you in class this week!”

Happy New Year everyone!