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There is no doubt abo18253872_10154808677719633_101123394_nut it, juggling a family, work and fitness is no easy feat and it’s not
uncommon for parents to put everyone else before themselves (just like the superheroes do!). But at what expense? Its common knowledge that science has proven that exercising makes you feel less stressed, happier, and healthier.

Have you found yourself short tempered at those around you recently?
Have you felt frazzled and like the world is on your shoulders?
Have you found that you’ve neglecting your happiness for the sake of others’ happiness?

These would be an indicator you need a workout in your life, stat.

“But I don’t have time!” – the snappy, frazzled, neglected you says.

“Let’s find some time!” – say these incredible Zone parents, who have done the research and found ways so that you can indeed, have it all!*

So drum roll please…


Golden Rule 1 – Never forget your main fitness motivator. Your mental health, wellbeing, confidence, less stress, and setting a good example to your family – whatever it may be, let it be your drive and never compromise. To be the best parent you can be, you need to be the best version of you that you can be!

Golden Rule 2 – Be organised. You’re a parent, and if you can manage to organise kids, you can organise ANYTHING (including national security and your own gym schedule). The most used tip from our superhero parents was to “make an appointment with yourself” by scheduling a gym class, making use of crèche, and never cancelling that appointment for anything. Start small but stay consistent with one appointment per week, then as you get used to booking your own time, add more classes!

Golden Rule 3 – Don’t feel guilty for putting yourself first. Remember all the benefits of that 1 hour you’ve given yourself! You’ll be a great role model, you’ll feel more energised, you’ll include your kids in more physical activity, and you’ll be a happier parent overall.

Golden Rule 4 – Celebrate your successes. Be proud of your fitness goals, feeling happier, feeling stronger and fitter – because no one has earned them more than you!

No one said it will be easy, but it will be worth it!

*Parent responses from ”Juggling Kids, Work and Fitness Survey 2017”