Leading the way in group fitness, following fitness trends, and keeping it fresh is what they’re about at Zone! So buckle up and get ready for the newest trend  – LES MILLS VIRTUAL.

So, what is it? Les Mills Virtual is just like your favourite group fitness classes, but on the big screen. With 30 minute and 60 minute formats, classes around the clock (lunch hour workouts, anyone?!), and 5 of your favourite Les Mills programs, Zone is now more flexible than ever and able to help you maintain your health and fitness despite your busy lifestyle.

Now whether you love your regular instructor and live classes, or whether you’re petrified of group fitness, virtual classes offer a stack of benefits:

  • More programs, more classes, and more often – so whether you’re a booty shaker, butt kicker, or glute shaper, there’ll be something for you when you want it (public holidays included)!
  • Highest quality instructors – these workouts are exactly the ones your favourite instructor’s have, filmed direct from Les Mills headquarters in NZ, with some of the best instructors on the planet.
  • Great picture and sound – because nothing is worse than when you can’t see and the music is too quiet.
  • No instructor – freedom to sneak in, practise the moves, and get a feel for the class before you jump into a live class (where you’ll have everyone asking “Have you done this before? You’re a pro!”).
  • Support if you need – don’t worry, there are still plenty of instructors floating around who will be more than happy to help you out if you need, so just ask!

And before you ask…

Q – “Can I really do a workout whenever I want?”

A – Just ask reception, and they’ll be happy to arrange your next ‘off timetable’ class for you.

Q – “Will I be safe and are there options?”

A – Virtual classes are very clear to explain how to move safely, and will always include options so you can rest assured you’re moving safely at your level.

Q – “What classes are there for me to do?”

A – SH’BAM (simple dance), BodyPump (weights), BodyCombat (mixed martial arts), CXWORX (core), and BodyBalance (yoga, pilates and tai chi).

Q – “Do I have the do the whole class?”

A – Absolutely not! In fact, we encourage you to start with 10 minutes worth if you are new, then slowly build up track by track until one day, you’re enjoying the whole class!

Q – “Do I have to bring anything?”

A – Just a towel, drink, appropriate shoes, and a good attitude. We’ve got you covered for anything else!


So if you haven’t already, make it a priority to jump into a virtual class soon! You just might be surprised at how hard you work, how much fun you have, or how brave you can be!