Food hacks to help you tackle the other 23 hours in your day!

Often for many of us, going to the gym is the easy part of staying healthy. We find a class we like, we find an instructor we like, and we make a few friends – so it’s easy to go!

Unfortunately, it’s the other 23 hours in our day that matters the most, and I’m talking about what goes on our plate. In a society where we are more and more time poor, it can be hard preparing healthy, quick meals to fit a family budget!

to help you survive ‘The Other 23’

  1. TO SAVE YOUR DOLLARS – Shop for your fruit/vegetables/olive oil/eggs/nuts at the local farmers markets rather than the supermarket. Check out Farm Fresh Parafield Airport (Wednesday and Saturday 8am-1pm), Farm Direct Markets Old Spot Hotel (Wednesday and Saturday 8am-1pm), or Farm Direct Markets Northgate Shopping Centre (Sunday 8am-1pm) to save serious dollars! Don’t worry – it’s great quality and still lasts ages when stored properly!
  2. TO SAVE VEGGIE WASTAGE – Two words: lunchbox frittatas. This humble recipe is fantastic for using up leftover veggies, rather than chucking them. Roast the veggies that need roasting, or chop the veggies that don’t. Mix these up with 6 eggs (you can add more if you have a lot of veggies), a tablespoon of plain flour, a handful of grated cheese, and whatever herbs/spices you fancy (salt, pepper, mixed herbs, and paprika is my go to!). Grease a muffin tray and fill up as much as you like, bake at 180C for around 30-40mins, and grab n go lunches/snacks are yours for the next few days!
  3. TO SAVE OTHER VEGGIE/FRUIT WASTAGE – Nutribullet. Smoothies in this bad boy are a total time saver. Half whatever veggies you have floating around, half whatever fruit you have floating around, nuts if you want, water and BOOM – brekky for on the go. *TIP* these are also great for hiding any of the naturopath’s potions that don’t taste great on their own 😉
  4. TO SAVE EVEN MORE FRUIT WASTAGE – chop it and freeze it! Perfect for those smoothies later on. Trust me, the nutribullet can handle it.
  5. TO ENJOY KALE – kale haters, prepare to convert. Yes, this highly nutritious superfood is chewy and weird tasting on its own, but the trick is in the dressing and avoiding the giant stalk if it doesn’t float your boat. Try this one: chopped kale (avoiding the stalk), 4 bean mix (or chickpeas or lentils if you like them better), chopped nuts (almonds or walnuts are a fave), half a red onion (chopped), and some goji berries (or figs, prunes, and cranberries also work a treat). Dress with ¼ cup olive oil (add more if you used lots of kale!), juice from 1 lemon, and salt and pepper and enjoy! Super quick to make, super cheap to make, and kale lasts AGES so you have lunch for the next 4-5 days.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the first 5 HEALTHY FOOD HACKS, and you’re on your way to buying cheaper and fresher local produce! Finding ways to prevent food wastage gets you more organised and saves you money, so give these a go! Catch you for the next instalment of HEALTHY FOOD HACKS.